Often I come across references to Miller’s works that are on the Web but I haven’t had time to decipher all the details. Alternatively, I have them but they have not been posted on this site yet There are also a number of people that Miller quotes who are unknown to me. I speculate on their names here.

Here be the notes to the stuff I am working on.


Missionary Tidings

Christian Woman’s Board of Missions


Missionary Tidings, the official publication of the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions. Missionary Tidings was published from May, 1883 to December, 1919. It was merged into World Call published by the United Christian Missionary Society when the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions was merged into the United Christian Missionary Society.

Miller, J.R is listed three times

Miller, J. R. (untitled poem) Feb ‘00 :326
(Prayer) Aug ‘06 :106
Each day a miniature life. Jul ‘12 :83


Source: http://www.mun.ca/rels/restmov/texts/mt/mtindxm2.htm

Unknown people referenced

Norman McLeod — Mentioned in Morning Thoughts January 7

Might be Reverend Norman Macleod (29th September 1780 - 14th march 1866) Who led his congregatione over 14,000 miles of ocean to Nova Scotia, Australia and New Zealand


Mentioned in:

Leaves of Life For Daily Inspiration

by Margaret Bird Steinmetz



Leaves of Life is a daily devotional. It contains one reference to miller


One day at a time! That's all it can be
No faster than that is the hardest of fate,
And days have their limit, however we
Begin them too early or stretch them late.

J.R. Miller.

Source: :HREF="http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/1/4/8/4/14849/14849-8.txt">http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/1/4/8/4/14849/14849-8.txt


Even the Leaves are Fragrant A group of girls were together one rainy afternoon. One of them opened the door for a moment, and a wave of the smell of wet, green, growling things poured into the room. The girl at the door turned and said to the others, `Do you smell the sweet-briar down by the gate? It is always fragrant, but never so fragrant as in the rain.' One of the girls said impulsively that this reminded her of her aunt. When asked to explain, she said: `Why, you see, there are ever so many roses that are fragrant -- the roses themselves I mean -- but the sweet-briar is the only one whose leaves also are fragrant. That is why it makes me think of my aunt, because everything about her, everything she does, not the large things only, but all the common everyday things, the leaves as well as the blossoms, have something beautiful in them.' - Dr. J. R. Miller, `Cyclopedia of Religious Anecdotes', page 167


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